Max Wilson spent 18 months putting together a time lapse of Chicago and I have no idea in the world how he did it.

I might call in sick from work just to watch this on repeat for a couple of hours today.

Windy City Nights is the result of a two year journey through Chicago at night. Max started this timelapse project back in April of 2011 after getting inspired by a video he saw posted on Vimeo titled “We are Chicago” by Ross Gerbasi.

The video contained several night timelapse sequences that were captured in Chicago. Just prior to this, he had been shooting timelapses and started practicing the art on a regular basis. There is something about the lights at night and the passage of time that is really captivating and what better place to capture this than the City of Chicago. Chicago is a really unique city, it has great architecture, the Chicago River and is surrounded by Lake Michigan. There is so much happening all the time and the lights at night here are truly amazing.

During this project, Max shot over 200,000 exposures, of raw digital files. With the raw files, exports and renders this accumulated to about 8 Terabytes of storage data.

There were a lot of challenges with this project. The first is that Max had a full time job and family. So finding the time to get down to the city and shoot was hard. About two years ago, he had scouted all the locations for my shots and wrote them down on a list.

Enjoy Max Wilson’s Work!

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