[VIDEO] Chicago Rappers Who Have Been Murdered


[VIDEO] Rappers Who Have Been Murdered in Chicago –

Insider Chi- We came across this video recently and found it to be quite shocking. This is a list of several rappers that have been murdered in Chicago. All of these rappers were representing the city of Chicago. This list is from 2015, and the number has only increased in 2016. Hot New Hip Hop wrote, “With its blunt illustrations of¬†the dangers of life growing in inner city Chicago, drill music has had a powerful influence shaping the sound of hip hop over the course of the last half-decade. Many of the genre’s purveyors are active themselves in gang life, and as such some have been killed at an extremely¬†young age.”

Take a look at the vide to see the Chicago rappers who have been murdered. Rest in peace to these artists.

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