[VIDEO] A Peek Inside Michael Jordan’s Absurdly Gigantic Home

The sleek modern home is a luxurious compound, with security gates adorned with the number 23, Jordan’s winning jersey number while he played with the Chicago Bulls, during which time he led the team to six National Championships.


Lonny, an online home ideas magazine, got a rare look inside Michael Jordan’s home.

The place is ultra modern and I think really ugly, LOL! It’s got the kind of feeling that if dirt came off your shoes on to the floor you would be in a panic to clean it up.

His indoor basketball court is amazing and the gate with the number 23 on it let’s you know right away who you are visiting. The pool area is spotless with only a couple of trees and has a weird feel. The open air entertainment room is unreal with a huge TV screen as the centerpiece. Another entertainment room features blackjack like card tables and another big TV. You can tell most of the furniture was custom designed. Check out the website for a full tour.

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