OP: Please pray for both this man (cyclist) and woman (driver) who collided at the intersection of Roosevelt and Halsted (in the University of Illinois Chicago area) at about 5:45pm CST on Tuesday July 18th, 2017.

A 32 year old male cyclist (heading south along Halsted- seemingly through a red light) was struck by a car (travelling west along Roosevelt) driven by a 22 year old female. The resulting severe impact forced the cyclist up into the air (into driver’s windshield and then over her car) before crashing down onto the pavement where he continued to skid- finally coming to a stop where he then laid motionless indefinitely.

The female driver remained on the scene and was not cited by the Chicago Police.

While several witnesses were eventually interviewed by the police (who had arrived several minutes after the Chicago Fire truck), hopefully this video footage will help to clarify the sequence of events associated to this tragedy.

Please note- per my friend, his dashcam’s (KDLINKS X1 Full-HD) digital clock is running about 25-30 minutes fast. Keeping the victim, his family, and the driver in our prayers.

Chicago which topped NYC as the most bike-friendly city in the U.S. in 2016, also accounted for the deaths of six bicyclists killed in crashes that year- with seven fatalities occurring in 2015.

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