Top Illinois Party Schools 2017


Every year a new class of students starts at each college. Many of those students choose their school of choice for academics, professors, flexibility, or, in some cases, the party life. The results are in, we’ve done significant market research and collected many surveys in order to bring you the Top Illinois Party Schools in 2017.


10. Northern Illinois University- DeKalb, IL

Dekalb could easily be considered a party town. To an outsider, the town looks rather quiet, but it’s easy to find where the parties are. The parties through fraternity and sororities are very popping. The bar scene is good and transportation I believe is the best of all. They have the free bus system and the late night ride. Just make sure to call in advance for the late night ride because they can sometimes be busy. Also a lot is within walking distance so it is not that bad. Dekalb also made our list last year, but they have moved down in ranking due to feedback we’ve received.