Things to know when moving to Chicago

While it’s hard to get tired of Chicago — it’s full of great bars, restaurants, and entertainment — living here can be a tiresome experience. Especially if you’ve moved to Chicago from a calmer, less chaotic place.

But there are ways to make life in the capital more manageable. I asked my colleagues to share what they wish they had known before moving to Chicago, and added some of my own thoughts.

Here’s what you should know:

10Winters in Chicago are Brutal

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A Chicago winter will knock the snot out of you. In all seriousness, Chicago weather is unpredictable.  This is coming from someone who enjoys the cold but it’s generally the frigid cold in January and February.  I’m talking can get to 0 degrees with wind chills of 20 below for a few weeks.  But it can get colder from November through March.  Since you haven’t experienced the cold before, you will suffer badly in your first winter.  I’ve gone through 28 of them so far some bad days are still hard to deal with.  So buy lots of heavy winter clothes and then when you think you have enough, buy more..