Inside America’s First Nutella Cafe, Opening Next Week in Chicago

Credit: Eater

Nutella promised food lovers an immersive world of pure imagination when the makers of the hazelnut spread announced plans for America’s first stand-alone Nutella Cafe. The cafe opens on May 31 near Millennium Park at 189 N. Michigan Ave., but you can take a first look inside Chicago’s newest tourist attraction starting now.

Sure, there have been Nutella pop-ups and there’s the cafe inside Eataly, but this restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in its own space. There are tons of items—croissants, baguettes, and hand pies—that will come with that sweet drizzle. Paninis and family-style fondue will also be served.

The cafe features a modern feel that should appeal to children, their parents, and Nutella fanatics of all ages. The floral-shaped lighting fixtures provide whimsical accents. There’s a touch of Ikea-like efficiency with the seating—check out those cool wall table nooks. Don’t expect to lounge away for a while, there’s no sign of plush seating. The ceilings are works of art, evoking those tempting creamy and chocolatey jars.

Take a look at the photos below. America’s first Nutella Cafe opens in nine days at Michigan and Lake.

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