[VIDEO] This Aerial Drone Footage of the New Google Chicago Office is Amazing

Google Chicago - Joey Helms
Google Chicago - Joey Helms

[VIDEO] This Aerial Drone Footage of the New Google Chicago Office is Amazing-

Fulton Market Chicago –

Currently located in Chicago’s Fulton Market area is Google’s newest Chicago Office. At 320 N Morgan St #600, Chicago, IL 60607, this office recently opened up. As a Chicagoan – You need to check it out. Until you get a chance, we have some drone footage to hold you over. Not sure if it’s open to the public, so this may be the best view of the office you’ll get for the time being. The building that houses the new Google offices recently sold for $237 million. Through Instagram you can view some other photos of the offices here: Instagram Google Chicago 

ChicagoBusiness.com - Ryan Ori
ChicagoBusiness.com – Ryan Ori

There’s currently about 650 employees based out of the new headquarters. The new office space is approximately 200,000 square feet. The entire building at 1KFulton is said to be at around 550,000 square feet in total. Google’s offices take about 5 floors of the building with a shared lobby for other businesses in the building. Google’s previous office was located near Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. This video was found on YouTube from user Joey Helms Photography. Helms wrote, “The Google Chicago video was shot with three different cameras, a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone for the aerials, a Black Magic Cinema Camera for the portraits and B-Roll footage, and a GoPro Hero 4 Silver for most of the time lapses. When it comes to drones for photographers/videographers, ranging from rookies to pros, DJI has a wide range of drones. The day I got my first drone, which dates back to November 2015, I was simply blown away by the technology that is stuffed into it. Ever since this flying camera gives me a different angle on the world and contributes to the story.” The best part of the video is at 1:20, where you can see the entire building and the beautiful rooftop at the new offices. Enough of our information about the building. Here’s the video that you guys need to see:

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