Chicago’s Best Hot Dogs 2017

Chicagoans take hot dogs very seriously, and for good reason—we know how we like our hot dogs in Chicago and we make them well. And these Chicago restaurants are doing it best of all. When you’re looking for a Chicago dog with all the toppings (minus ketchup, of course) and a side of French fries, head to Gene and Jude’s or Superdawg. For fry-topped Depression dogs, Red Hot Ranch is your stand. These hot dog stands serve some of the best versions in town (and some of the best burgers in Chicago as well).Check out Chicago’s Best Hot Dogs!

Credit: Chicago Eater


21Band of Bohemia

While traveling Europe, tourists will find all sorts of sausages on the mainland. For weekend brunch, Band of Bohemia gives diners that taste with a pork, veal and beef sausage with comte and gruyere cheeses. That sits on a bun baked by Floriole in Lincoln Park. It’s served with a homemade pickle and a side of Dijon mustard.