Chicago’s Best Burgers

Chicago is a meat and potatoes kind of town so it’s no surprise that it’s home to some of the country’s best burgers. From giant behemoths to burgers crafted with the finest premium ingredients, there’s lots of mouthwatering variety to go around. The city’s longtime favorites are always standouts that everyone can agree on, but what about the next wave of beefiness? These new spots have answered the call and created burgers that are anything but ordinary.Here are Chicago’s Best Burgers:

(Alphabetical Order)

Credit: Chicago Eater


The folks behind Peruvian hotspot Tanta have gone global for their latest project. Sip on cocktails that draw inspiration from the world’s various regions, such as the refreshing Fraise d’Amor—a frozen concoction made with cognac and strawberry puree. The food menu takes the same approach, offering a chuck and short rib blend Frenchman burger topped with fried provolone, crispy shallots, lettuce, tomato and béarnaise sauce. Take a bite, savor the flavors and then start planning your dream trip to the City of Light.