We all love brunch. Let’s not get it twisted, breakfast and lunch have their own respective places, but brunch has a special place in our hearts on the weekends. Here’s the best brunch spots in the Chicagoland area. We came up with this list after being influenced by an article by Thrillist, we decided to give you our take on the best brunch spots in Chicago!

Bad Hunter 

All around great. Don’t be worried if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, they have plenty of meat forward options. For Sunday brunch on Restaurant Row, this place was surprising less packed than would would imagine (which was a welcomed surprise). The sever was excellent and attentive, the food was swell, and the over-all ambiance was pleasant. I wasn’t a huge fan of the “good hunter bloody”, but that just comes down to personal taste.


Wow what a gem for a brunch spot! The menu features really interesting flavors and ingredients that you just don’t typically see, but make perfect flavor, texture and aesthetic pairings. The location has a cozy almost home feel to it and the wait staff adds to that too! We both had the flap jacks and asked for a little extra broth. It was perfect.

Dove’s Luncheonette 

Nice diner atmosphere with great food and service. The brunch is nice to come in for on the weekend, but make the effort to come early on Tuesdays to nab the chicken and beer special for $10. Got an amazing Nashville style chicken sandwich that had the right amount of spicy and tenderness.

Mad Social 

Although still relatively new to the neighborhood, MAD has not really connected with the neighborhood. The food is pricey, but very good. The staff is polite and does a good job making recommendations. Beer and drinks are Randolph street prices. The ambience has club music pulsing in the background.


The food was incredible and the service was impeccable. They made it an incredible, warm and inviting experience. Great music too. Even a wedge salad which can be a mundane menu item was an exquisite tasting experience.

The Publican 

Hands down best place to eat in the city. Dinner or brunch, it doesn’t matter its always amazing. I really recommend talking to the server about the menu items, their descriptions don’t always do the plate justice. The desserts and drinks are out of this world. Service is always great.

Southport Cafe 

Excellent menu with fast service and wonderful diner style cafe with small granola-friendly grocery selection. Perfect for a quick hit or long breakfast stay.

Lula Cafe 

The food was excellent. Got the Lula breakfast burrito. It was lightly toasted in a thick, quality tortilla with buttery scrambled eggs, gooey cheddar cheese, huge chunks of potato, and veggies that practically melt in your mouth. The iced coffee was very refreshing. Service was kind, friendly, and very personable. The staff is extremely attentive.

The Bongo Room 

Excellent place for brunch. Service is quick and courteous. Every time I’ve gone, there was a wait but they use a SMS service to alert you when a table becomes available so you are able to walk around and check out different nearby shops. The food is good, prices are reasonable, and the overall atmosphere is welcoming.

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