Chicago Woman Sues Starbucks Over Too Much Ice In Drink

Chicago Woman Sues Starbucks Over Too Much Ice In Drink– You read that title correctly. This Chicago hero has filed a federal lawsuit against Starbucks Coffee for… (wait for it) putting too much ice in her coffee. She claimed that it took too much space in her drink. The fearless Chicago woman’s name is Stacy Pincus. Who knows what will turn up of this federal law suit, but we certainly can confirm it will take place.

Pincus is currently suing for $5 million dollars. Yes, you also read that correctly. Her primary complaint is that the coffee is not in a proper ratio to the amount of ice that takes up space in the cup. The lawsuit states “[you only get] nearly half as many fuild ounces [due to the ice].”

The lawsuit also draws in on a case of fraud within the Starbucks corporation, stating that it is a misrepresentation of their product followed by an essential “bait and switch.”

As a customer, you have to acknowledge that ice will be in iced drinks. The amount of ice is sometimes totally dependent on the barista cooking up these drinks. Starbucks does, however, offer a policy in which they will remake your beverage if you are not totally satisfied with the final product.

Our legal team has informed us that this case may very well become a class-action law suit, and could cover customers up to the past decade. For more information, stay tuned.



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