Best Chicken Wings Chicago

It’s been a relatively mild winter for Chicagoans, but forget mild when it comes to many people’s favorite winter snack: Chicken wings. . If you’re intimidated by the messiness of the endeavor, actor B.D. Wong offers an instructional video on how to properly devour a wing. The Best Chicken Wings Chicago has to offer are below.

Of course, Chicago’s diversity means a variety of wings, from those that use Ethiopian spices, to upstate New York’s finest to the popular Korean glazes that are pressure fried. For this January 2017 update, there are plenty of additions. Publican Anker and Won Fun are the only two recently-opened restaurants that made the list. Other stalwarts like Wings Around The World, Naha, Hienie’s Shrimp House, Take Me Out, Buffalo Wings & Rings, Kimski, Cork & Kerry, and Mott Street were added.

Listed in alphabetical order.

credit: Chicago Eater

30Barn & Company

Smoked wings are the name of the game at this Lincoln Park barbecue joint. They come in a variety of sauces and rubs. Also, Thursday’s all-you-can eat wing special is pretty spectacular.

950 W Wrightwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 832-4000