5 Tips To Land Lollapalooza Tickets This Year

Clear your Tuesday morning schedule, music fans. Lollapalooza tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m.

The music fest that overtakes Grant Park each summer will begin selling four-day passes Tuesday morning. Tickets will be a bit more pricey this year.

5Subscribe to Lollapalooza

First, you should sign up for Lollapalooza’s festival e-list, where you will receive exclusive emails concerning important festival information such as news and announcements, lineups, when tickets go on sale, and other exclusives. We also suggest following them on Twitter and Facebook for other articles and announcements about the event.Image result for LOLLAPALOOZA CHICAGO

Once you’re all signed up you will be one of the first to find out when tickets go on sale.

Don’t forget about MyFest! By creating a MyFest account you are enabling yourself easy access to all things Lollapalooza. You can create a customized schedule for who you want to see and you can even share with your friends so you can plan your experience together.

4Know what you want!

You’re all signed up and waiting for the on sale date right? Good, why not check out ticket options so you know what you want to get before they go on sale.

Ticket options:

  • Regular 4-Day Ticket – $335
  • 1-Day Ticket – $120
  • VIP 4-Day Ticket – $2,200
  • VIP 1-Day Ticket – $650
  • Platinum 4-Day Ticket – $4,200

3Use the fastest internet possible!

By using the fastest internet possible you increase your chances of reaching that checkout screen. The faster the loading speed the higher your chances are of obtaining tickets! GOOD LUCK!Image result for LOLLAPALOOZA CHICAGO

2Stay under the ticket limit!

If you go over, your order can be cancelled. (Ticket limit is 8)

Wait! Tickets are sold out? Never fear because ticket sites like StubHub, SuperSeats and SeatGeek just might have some tickets for you to snag for the festival. So no need to freak out over sold out tickets, you can rest easy knowing tickets will be around for a while.

1Have Multiple Credit Cards Ready!

If for some reason your order does not go through, you can proceed to try with another credit card. Also, if you go over the ticket limit you can always use a different card # and buy more tickets for your buddies






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