25 Places to Eat in Chicago When You’re Broke as Sh*t

Credit: Bridget Muckian

I would consider Chicago to be the culinary center of the Midwest, but trying to check off your Chicago foodie bucket list can get expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of options that won’t blow through your entire paycheck while still satisfying even the biggest food snobs. Here’s where to go when you want great food in the Chi without the hefty price tag.


25. Johnnie’s Beef

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Chicagoans don’t mess around when it comes to Italian beef, and Johnnie’s serves up one of the best beef sandwiches around. At $4.50 a pop, they’re also one of the best deals in town. Wash it down with an Italian ice, especially if you ask for spicy peppers on your sandwich (trust me, you’ll need it).