Going out downtown can be fun. Sometimes we all need a break from the River North lifestyle, and the Gold Coast appeal. Chicago is home to some real hidden gem dive bars. If you’ve ever been in a Chicago dive bar, you’ll probably know. If you haven’t, use this list to guide your journey. Let’s get started.

– There’s an old style sign outside.

– The tamale guy is there

Oscar Arriola. – Gapers Block

-They open as early as 7AM

-You can smoke inside

The words “Package Goods”are in the name


-They have Malort, and there are people ordering it

-There are vending machines for lotto scratch tickets


-There’s a bunch of peanut shells on the floor

-There’s a payphone…and someone is probably using it

-The owner lives upstairs

-You can grill your own meats (Cody’s)

-They sell hard boiled eggs



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